I am a Toronto native with a passion for food and a love for all things that support this journey we are on. I believe in the powers of what we put in our body, and who and what we surround ourselves with.

My path to Naturopathic Medicine started from a young age, cooking in my Bubby’s kitchen. This is where I began to learn the powerful effects food can have on both our bodies and souls. My education continued at Dalhousie University in Halifax where I studied psychology while living by the sea. After finishing my undergrad, I worked in kitchens and travelled the world looking for the inspiration of what to do next. I happened upon a page advertising the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in my hometown of Toronto, and knew that that was the place I needed to be. My time in medical school opened my eyes to the wonders of the human body as well as the light within myself. It taught me that anything is possible, and that I am here to remind others of that. 

The ways I enjoy life include but are certainly not limited to; sharing a good meal with people I love, singing in an ND-composed rock band, cycling the streets of Toronto, chasing the moon, and getting to witness the everyday magic in the gratitude of my patients.