Returning your body and spirit to their most optimal states, through evidence based and intuitive medicine.



Are you overwhelmed by all of the health and wellness information out there? Constantly being sold the next miracle supplement or exercise trend? How do you wade through the sea of wellness products and practitioners? How do you know which supplement/herb/diet/exercise/treatment is best for you?

We could all use someone to show us the how to make sense of it all.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Reiki healer, and chef, among other things, I have expertise in both western and natural medicines, as well as a lifetime of creating health through food. In working with me, you will get an individualized and evidence-based plan that puts you on the path to living the life you dream of, whatever that looks like. We have limitless options around us to feel better/work harder/love deeper, but what’s right for YOU?

I want to help you find your way.

Let me be your guide.

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